Friday, May 9, 2008

Counting Sheep In order to SLEEP

Counting sheep in order to sleep

Are you aware that with less sleep your workouts will be less effective and that your body will be more likely to store fat? It is a vicious cycle. You get prone to stress, which in turn, makes you resort to food to soothe and comfort yourself. The hormone cortisol, which is directly related to stress levels, is produced in excess if you are sleep deprived. As its level increases, the effectiveness of your workouts decreases as it depletes muscle. But not to worry! Help is at hand. An Expert has devised a few tips that, if followed meticulously, will help you get a good night's sleep.

  • Keep yourself busy and occupied during the day. For some people, an afternoon snooze may cause sleep depletion at night.

  • Before you actually hit the sack, prepare the room a little in advance. Dim all the lights in the house, particularly in the bedroom.

  • Never have a forty-wink session on the sofa. When you feel sleepy, simply get into bed.

  • Don't convert your bedroom into either a workplace or an entertainment centre. Maintain its sanctity as purely a place to sleep in.

  • Close your eyes and imagine a soothing scene if sleep eludes you. At this juncture, you could also resort to time tested deep breathing techniques.

  • Still not able to sleep? No point in forcing yourself - you will only become wide awake with all that unproductive effort. Instead, get out of bed and engage in reading or other light activity. The minute you feel sleepy, get back to bed.

  • Don't keep consciously looking at the clock. You will never be able to sleep if you are conscious of the time.

  • Always sleep on your side or back - never on your stomach.

  • Don't let your pets disturb your sleep. Never have them with you in your bedroom. Get them their own warm, cosy beds.

  • Don't resort to swallowing pills to get you out of your misery. It might become an addiction and you may also get immune to them.

  • A glass of warm milk taken at bedtime also helps induce sleep Gently massaging feet (with or without moisturiser) also helps at times.

Follow these Expert devised tips and you are on your way to a restful night's sleep! Do get back to us with the positive results and you are welcome to add tips of your own to help other sleep deprived people.






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