Sunday, May 4, 2008


Toasty Mugs

When you get your coffee to go, it usually comes with a nice cardboard sleeve that keeps your hands cool while holding the hot cup. At home when you are having a hot drink in a mug, your hands get hot from holding the mug.

You can create a sleeve at home with a simple cloth napkin. Take a napkin and roll it up just enough so that it will fit through the handle of your mug.

Now just tie a knot and you can hold your mug comfortably.


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BBQ Magic

When you are making your barbecue, you pull out the trusty bottle of barbecue sauce to pour over.

This time, surprise your family by mixing a bottle of the sauce with 1/2 cup of apricot preserves or honey.

They will thank you for the sweet surprise.

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Refreshing Refrigerator

You dread having to clean the refrigerator. It usually takes most of the day and it only lasts a few hours before it is all mussed up again.

To help make the task easier, clean it in stages. When you are running low on supplies, take a minute to wipe down a shelf and rearrange items.

If you do this to a shelf a week, your refrigerator will stay consistently clean.

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Funny Funnels

You are trying to pour some cornmeal into a container and it keeps spilling everywhere.

You actually have one closer than you think. Simply take an envelope and seal it.

Once the seal has dried, cut the envelope in half at an angle.

On the corner opposite the cut, cut about 1/2 inch off (or smaller if your container has a small opening)

Now just pop open the cut end and pour away!

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Meatball Madness

So the last time that I went shopping I found a bag of meatballs that tasted so fabulous that I had to buy them. I love using them for quick and easy dinners. Only problem is they come in a HUGE bag! I was scared that they would freezer burn before I could use them all.

After pondering the storage options I remembered my food sealer. This worked Perfect!

I placed the number of meatballs that I need for each meal into a bag and sealed it. Now when I am ready to fix dinner, I just grab a package and I am ready to go!


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Peeling Ginger

The next time that you need to peel some ginger for your favorite recipe, grab a spoon instead of a knife.

The spoon can fit into the crevices easier and you will not loose as much of your ginger down the drain.

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