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The Beautiful Kitchen

Want to see some beautiful kitchens? Look through Coastal Living's kitchen section and get inspired! I love lots of things about this kitchen and have a couple of quibbles.

LOVE the same paint on the walls as on the hood

LOVE the dark brown accents

LOVE the contrast of the white floor and dark island/table

LOVE the use of white

DON'T LOVE the refrigerator enclosure

WOULD BETTER LOVE an integral open shelf toward the top of the island for useful storage

WOULD BETTER LOVE the ceiling fixture over the island hanging lower

WOULD BETTER LOVE a piece of artwork hanging over the recessed wall cabinet next to the blinds

Overall, a winner for me. How about you?? Enjoy these inspiring kitchens.


beautiful kitchen

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Contemporary Kitchen

Designer's Notes

This is a modern kitchen with a spa-like feeling. The angle in the island comes from two types of stone being married together. The lighting over the island magically appears from the floating plane in the ceiling.

Classic Kitchen

Cabinetry Classics® maintains the highest standards of craftsmanship, materials, and construction techniques. We use only the finest woods, finishes, countertop materials, and hardware available.

Custom kitchens,baths, vanities, and other furniture are hand-crafted in our workshop. Beautiful, hand-picked selections of the finest woods are sized, milled,planed, joined, and finished right in our shop. We maintain rigid quality controls and ensure absolute customer satisfaction and on-time delivery--every time!

...and the best part is: we can do it for a price you can afford! Don't settle for cheap, flimsy cabinetry.

White Kitchen


room image
First published in: Beautiful Kitchens, April 2008

All white kitchen

Create a kitchen with a timeless style that will last and last. Choose white kitchen units and team them with stainless-steel appliances for a simple yet classic look. The lattice on the front of some of the cabinets adds a touch of individual style.

Splash of Color

Contemporary Kitchen

Splash of colour

Add a striking splash of colour to a pale wood kitchen to add 'wow' factor. Use ceramic tiles for the flooring- a perfect partner for oak cabinetry, and then finish the look off with soft cream walls to create a stunning family room.

Cool Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen

Cool kitchen

This basement apartment kitchen brings the outside in with a forest mural on the far wall. The window's natural light is cleverly made the focal point to soften the clean, contemporary design of quartz worktops and slick kitchen units.

Get the look

Stylish Chocolate Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen

Stylish chocolate kitchen

This modernised kitchen is up to the minute with dark wood and designer detailing. Stylish elements abound from salmon glass wall units and bar stools to slim pendant lights and two smart tubular extractor fans. Fibre-optic lighting adds constantly changing colour.

Dreamy Innovative Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen

Dreamy innovative kitchen

Curved, fluid lines and emerald backlights create a tranquil space for family gatherings and dinner parties in this kitchen. Striking green lights and frosted glass create a wonderful contrast to the sweeping design of the cream hi-gloss units. The richly coloured planks of vinyl flooring contrast with the cool grey walls.

Sleek Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen

Sleek kitchen

This gorgeously sleek kitchen really makes an impact. It's open-plan to the main living space so it's constantly on display. The elegant, silver-grey units with a mix of solid and frosted-glass doors give the U-shaped kitchen a simple and contemporary look.

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Monochrome Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen

First published in: Living Etc , January 2005

Monochrome kitchen

Streamlined white Ikea units are topped with black granite worktops. White Debenhams china is displayed on open shelving. Fun accessories like the Pez sweet containers lined up on top of the cupboards add colour, while an enamel breadbin and retro-style kettle are modern takes on traditional favourites.

Shaker-style Kitchen


First published in: Homes & Gardens, January 2005

Shaker-style kitchen

Simple white Roundhouse Kitchens units with Shaker-style doors and exposed hinges are sleek and streamlined in this modern country kitchen. The brushed stainless steel door handles add a modern twist. Kashmir white granite worktops are a less porous alternative to marble. The island's wooden worktop provides contrast. Oak flooring adds warmth and hi

Kitchen Decoration Ideas

Kitchen Décor Ideas

Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. Top-class modular kitchens, architectural elements that add lavishness to the kitchens such as crown moldings, latest appliances and stylish hardware and fixtures become the highlights of today's kitchen. Kitchen décor has many aspects such as kitchen shapes and layout, storage space and color schemes that have to be paid attention to. Here are some practical tips for kitchen décor that you must follow:
  • Classical kitchen décor uses oak wood.
  • Fine-grained woods such as cherry and maple are used for contemporary kitchen décor.
    Mix and match wood finishes and different textures in countertops look interesting and add depth to the room.
  • Kitchens can be made traditionally as utilitarian workspaces or as open spaces that are a part of dining rooms or living room.
  • While most preferred, shape for a kitchen is U-shape to allow the person to make best use of the 'work-triangle' of the space; other popular shapes are L-shaped kitchens, Galley-shaped kitchens and island kitchens.
  • Stainless steel appliances with pewter finish are most commonly used in kitchens while silver or gold dinnerware is undoubtedly for grand and lavish dining.
  • Glass cabinets to show off your best china and wooden panels to hide the rest are quite popular.
  • Space should be reserved to accommodate cooking range, ovens, dishwashers and sinks.
  • Make sure that kitchen counters are durable, look beautiful and are easy to clean. Most common are granite, slate and marble slabs and tile mosaics are fast catching up to lend a unique look to the kitchen.
  • Kitchen needs the most storage space with lots of hidden storage areas too and you can mix and match rollout shelves, vertical tray dividers and pullouts and drawer inserts. You will also need recycling bins and appliance garages.
  • Floors
  • It's important to choose flooring material consistent with the rest of the home. Tile is distinctive, but it can be cold if not heated underneath and its hard surface may require an area rug in work areas where prolonged standing occurs.
  • Kitchen flooring in bold colors are vibrant and energetic but expensive too. Neutral colors are the traditional choices and more budget-friendly too.
  • Recessed adjustable lighting and decorative lighting fixtures spotlighting your kitchen island or dining area can add a dramatic effect to your kitchen decor.

Helpful Kitchen Tips

Helpful Kitchen Tips: Browse, Read, and Learn How to Create the Perfect Kitchen for Your Home!

Here, you will find a great deal of the information that you need to answer the questions you will ask yourself when creating or renovating your kitchen. You will know what to look for and ask about when going to the store. You will develop the skills and confidence to choose the items that will work best for you in the kitchen; according to your taste, budget and style of work. For example, you will know...

  • What kind of knives should you choose in order to work with pleasure?
  • What kinds of knife sets are there, and which of them would be the best for you?
  • What are quality knife sharpeners like, and which will work best for you?
  • What kind of cutting board should you choose in order to meet your needs for cutting or serving?
  • What kind of curtains will make your kitchen more beautiful and inviting?
  • What kind of mixers will work best for you?
  • What kind of sink should you choose in order to wash the dishes and utensils or prepare various foods with ease?
  • What kind of faucet offers the best quality?
  • What kind of light fittings will best illuminate your kitchen?
  • What is the most appropriate flooring for your kitchen?
  • What kind of rugs should you put on this flooring for extra comfort, beauty and functionality?
  • What kind of countertops are the most functional and aesthetically pleasing?
  • What kind of backsplash is best to put on the kitchen wall for extra functionality and aesthetics?
  • Is it feasible for you to add an island to your kitchen?
  • What bakeware would best meet your specific needs?
  • What kinds of juicer are there, and which will make the juice with the most nutrients?
  • What kinds of trash can are there and which would be the most suitable for your kitchen?

In each section of the site I have striven to give you the most important information on the given subject, in a pleasant, easy to read format. Thus, I will save you time, money, and help you to avoid any troubles that may result from making ill-informed decisions.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Smart Home Design

Smart Home designed by Velvet Hammerschmidt

This contemporary loft was designed as a "Smart Home" - lighting, fans, window treatments, HVAC, digital music and AV can all be controlled entirely via remote and integrated keypads. The living room features B&B Italia upholstery, accent tables designed by Philippe Starck, the Eames Walnut Stool, and custom built-in millwork.

Alexander Residence

The quality of light, fabulous landscaping, and view from this beautiful home inspired the interior architectural moves. The Living Room featured here includes the Egg Chair

Modern Contemporary Interior Design

Truly Warm Living Room

This warm, truly transitional living room features a sofa by Barbara Barry for Baker, a uniquely-detailed A. Rudin ottoman, a custom-designed Greek key pattern wool rug, and a custom designed console table.

Mediterranean Inspired

The designer was inspired by the Mediterranean cues of the architecture and successfully melded the warm transitional style of the house with both contemporary and transitionally styled furniture pieces. The living room features upholstery by A. Rudin, custom side and console tables, and a B&B Italia Apta coffee table.

Living Room with high ceilings

This high-ceilinged formal living room is grounded by timeless pieces from Baker Furniture and Milling Road, among other classic pieces. Custom, soft window coverings and a high-backed sofa bring an intimate feel to this large volume of space.

Shimna Daybed

Shimna's beam daybed with solid wood legs and upholstered in grey wool fabric creates a soft look in this client's library.

Park Avenue Beam

These fun green Beam Sofas from Shimna enhance this wonderful Park Avenue space.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Modern Living Room Interiors Ideas

Your living room is one of the most important rooms in the entire house, and most of the people spend a lot of time in their living room. A living room is not just a relaxing space that welcomes guests and visitors, it also serves as the focal point and acts as a showcase for the entire house. In simple terms, the living room is the focal point of a home, and a place that will bring comfort and joy to all of its inhabitants. Now we all know that when we have a guest the living room is usually the first room that your guests see, and I think that we should take care of how this place look by creating something that will reflect our own style. There are many decorating styles that you can choose from, and the most popular are traditional, country, contemporary, and transitional. Personally I prefer the contemporary style, and for those of you who look for a little inspiration on contemporary living room design here are six pictures that might inspire you.

living modern room

living area

fresh living room

cool living room

contemporary modern living

Clean Living Room

Contemporary Living Room Interior Ideas

Modern Living Room Interiors Ideas There are a few contemporary living room ideas, as people usually come to Freshome to get fresh inspiration for their homes. When you are searching for a new look for your home the more pictures you see the more clearly you know how your dream home will look like. So here is a new set of 6 pictures with some beautiful living rooms. Finally one thing you should keep in mind if you want to create a contemporary living room design is simplicity, low furniture arrangements, modular sofas, abstract lighting sources, pedestal tables, sleek sideboards, etc.

modern living

modern living color

modern living decor

nice living room

small living room

living room modern





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