Friday, January 9, 2009

Organize your Home

Quick De-cluttering Tips from Unclutterer!


Nobody has time to clean or organize anymore, but everyone knows that living in a cluttered home or office can often make life more stressful and your work even more unproductive! We came across this article on the fabulous website, Unclutterer on 10 tips to beat clutter in less than five minutes. It was written by Gretchen Rubin, the author of another fabulous website: The Happiness Project (more advice we could all use).

Check out my favorite tips, but don't forget to visit their website to see all 10 tips! Good luck de-cluttering today!

- Make your bed each morning.

- Follow the “one-minute rule” – push yourself to do any chore that takes less than one minute. Throw away the junk mail, close the cabinet door, put your dirty socks in the hamper, hang up your wet towel.

- Pause for a moment before you “store” something. Storing something means you don’t intend to use it much. Other than holiday decorations and seasonal clothes, you should strive to “store” as little as possible.

- Get rid of things if they break. When I went through our apartment, I was astonished by how many things I’d kept even though they didn’t work.

- Don’t keep any piece of paper unless you know that you actually need it. I have a friend who, for years, carefully filed away the stubs when she paid her gas bill. “Why?” I asked, mystified. “I have no idea,” she said. Along the same lines, don’t keep anything that would quickly become dated—like travel information. Remember the internet! If you can easily find information online, you don’t need to keep a hard copy.







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