Friday, May 9, 2008


Emotional Quotient

Body Image

Is your body bothering you? When you peer into the mirror, do you really like what you see? Do you try to hide your body shape with whatever you wear? Do you give longing, lingering looks to all those svelte models with hourglass... more >>

Classic burn out symptoms and possible solutions

What is 'burn out'? We deal here with some classic burn out symptoms and give you possible solutions with which you will be equipped to tackle them effectively. more >>

Laughter is the best medicine

If smiling is man's most important body mechanism, laughter is the most complicated. And that's no joke. more>>

Smile, it makes everyone happy

What happens when you smile. As we grow older we smile in sympathy, in greeting, in apology, in appreciation. It is undoubtedly the most important bonding signal we have. more>>

What happens when you cry?

What happens when you cry. more>>

Don't get mad

Substitute anger and tears with a smile or a laugh. more>>






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