Saturday, May 17, 2008

INFO for Heart Patients

Preventing second blockages

Heart patients need to be extra careful to ensure the heart is kept free of blockages. Contrary to popular opinions, there are a couple of easy and economical ways to do this.

  • An extra dose of folic acid and B vitamins could go a long way in preventing further problems from setting in.

  • The supplements reduce the risk of another heart attack, or the need for another angioplasty. Angioplasty involves expanding the arteries of the heart. While this helps to clear the blocks, it is not without its risks. The walls of the artery could get slightly damaged during this procedure.

  • Repeat blockages could be formed if the patient produces too much scar tissue after the angioplasty procedure.

  • Patients with high levels of homocysteine (an amino acid) are more likely to suffer complications after a heart attack or heart surgery.

  • Additional supplements of folic acid or B vitamins are known to lower the levels of homocysteine. This reduces the risk of complications in heart patients.

  • Patients who were given these supplements for six months after angioplasty had less chances of suffering a heart attack or developing another block.

  • Low dose aspirins often act as an anticoagulant thus preventing the arteries from thickening.

  • It is always important not to try any self medication for heart problems. Always consult with your doctor on any treatment, no matter how simple it sounds.






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